Investors loose as stock market crashes in India

Given the nose dive in the Indian share market today, analysts predict that it has wiped off nearly INR 4 lakh crore of investor?s money from the market. As pee the data of BSE listed companies ? market capitalization ? figure showcased that it has corroded out nearly INR 134.38 lakh crore in the initial trade.
Also, sharp decline was also seen in the Asian market which fell up to 5% on the helm of fall in the stocks in the US ? in the last day trading. Charts on mcx live are indicating that there will be negative positioning of the stocks in the next few days with global markets also not looking very favorable.

In the Asian markets, Taiwan?s market ? weighted index ? declined upto 5.21 %. The scenario was similar in Japan with Nikkei witnessing a downward trend by 3.7%. Also, Korea saw a decline by 2.9% and Shanghai Composite witnessed a decline by 2.4 %.
This crisis was a reverberation of the crisis that was started in the US as the market fell to a 8-month low. Apparently, this has left the Asian markets in the worst ever ?tremors? at the stock exchange. S&P 500 has lost more than 3.29% of the value. With this Nasdaq Composite has lost as much as lost 4.08%.

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