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Sensex touched an all time high on Monday. Equity indices are experiencing a wonderful run. BSE Sensex crossed 39000 mark for the first time ever in this financial year. BSE Index rose to 17.3% to 5704 points. Sensex was high at 400 points at around 2 pm today and broke the record. Though it fall on the spur of the moment. FY19 Sensex is also the highest in previous four years. Nifty also registered a gain of 14.93 percent. There are several reasons why market is currently at its peak. People are also expecting RBI to cut rates in their maiden policies in the financial year FY20. Rbi Director Shaktikanta Das is expected to reduce repo by 25 basis points. Recovery in Rupee is also a major factor for uprising market. Also gold is at 4% high for Rs 32,500 per 10 grams equally to the inflation rate of the country. India has a good hold on gold as it is a very popular asset in the country. Hence this influenced market in a positive direction.  Market is expected to witness a free run till elections which is still eight weeks away. Future conditions of the market can driven with election decision.